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Autism Research | The Essential Guide To Autism

Autism Research

Infant Monkeys Develop Behavioral Symptoms Of Autism

Infant monkeys that were given the full US childhood program of vaccinations went on to display signs and behaviors typical of autism.

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Study Links Autism Risk To Mercury Releasing Sources

This study showed a notable statistical link between the amount of industrial mercury that had been released in the area and the number of autism cases diagnosed.

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Sensory Treatment Reduces Autism Mannerisms

This study found that children on the autism spectrum who underwent sensory integration treatment experienced a decrease in their autism symptoms when compared to autistic children who did not receive these treatments.  Among the symptoms that have been noted as reducing are repetitive actions, hand motions, noise making, rapidly changing interests or having greatly limited interests, and other similar behaviors that commonly inhibit learning and the ability to pay attention.

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Premature and Underweight Babies at Risk of Autism

A recent study has discovered that when looked at in comparison with other developmental disabilities, premature babies and those with low birth weights have a higher risk of autism spectrum disorders.  This was especially true for of girls.

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